Camping Chairs are Important Part of the Tour – Here’s Why

Planning a camp? Make sure you carry all the basic essentials of camping to have a safe trip.

Before you go, it is always advised to make a checklist of the items to carry. For instance, camping tent, tables, chairs, bedding, lighting, first aid kit, food, esky, hammock, music player etc., are all essential aids for a trip. But there’s always a thought about whether or not camping chairs are needed?

A typical camping chair is a folding chair that is easily carried around. These compact chairs are great for comfort, specially designed with added features. You can now find a wide variety of chairs in the market, which often makes it difficult to choose.

Camping Chair Key Features

Before buying camping chairs, you should look for some of the features compiled in this guide.

#1: Type of Chairs

There are 3 basic categories of camping chairs:

  • Regular Camping Chairs: It comes with basic components like legs, seat back and armrest. Most of the regular chairs are foldable and easy to carry.
  • Minimal Camping Chairs: It provides a place for you to sit, such as folding chairs and stools.
  • Elaborate Camping Chairs: These chairs have a lot of features like recliner function, leg rest, armrest etc. These are stable and comfortable, quite expensive, and worth buying.

#2: Weight & Size

The lightest ones are the minimal chairs with limited features and relatively smaller size. Elaborate chairs are the heaviest with a host of features. You must choose camping chair depending on the effect of weight and size for your purpose.

The size of chairs is a major consideration as smaller chairs are easier to carry, though not comfortable. Contrarily, elaborate chairs are spacious and comfortable, but their weight and size are limited.

The maximum weight capacity of camping chairs is also a key factor. When you choose to buy the best quality camping chair, it is best to be realistic. The weight of the chair is directly proportional to the size. So, a chair for heavier people would be heavy and big than for lightweight people.

#3: Construction Material

Camping chairs are generally made of different material. While the legs of the best quality camping chairs are made of aluminum for better strength, the fabric is nylon. Nylon is water resistant, durable, and easier to maintain. Some camping chairs also feature closed cell foam padding, which makes them more comfortable and lush.

The choice of material becomes more important when camping in hot and humid regions, near the beach, or involving water activities.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, camping chairs are an important part of the tour. Camping with children and elderly people always calls for quality chairs. Some of the camping chairs feature additional storage, which attracts children, are available at The best camping chairs would be those with storage space, comfortable, and light. Likewise, you can choose tall or short chairs, depending on the height of your family members.

Remember, it may not be easy to choose the right kind of camping chair. Several factors to bear in mind before short-listing the chair you need.








The Value Of Travel Bags in Traveling Is It Worth?

Last summer, my dad purchased a luggage set, or shall I say another luggage set. This last set is fabulous, it came with three pieces. My mother, of course, was perplexed. She pondered, why, oh why do we have another luggage set? Well that was simply insane coming from someone who travels for work more often than we like. The set included a small two day bag that would specifically suit her travel purposes and fit comfortably in the overhead section. She was also the first one to use the best luggage sets. Of course, upon returning home, she rated the bags. This rating coming from some who travels often was much appreciated and in turn I believe she appreciated the purchase of an efficient luggage set.

Now that I think about, she was not the first one to use the newly purchased bags from the delsey luggage reviews website. Her brother, my uncle, and his family travelled to Zurich, Switzerland on a family trip. They have five people in their family. They did not have five suitcases, at least not five cases that will hold two weeks of clothing, souvenirs, and Swiss chocolates. Thinking ahead she proposed lending the two new cases to her brother and his wife. His wife immediately accepted followed by the dimension requirements. My mother was only too happy to oblige as she considered the loan a way of doing something for them. I personally think she was simply using this good act as a device to test the durability and efficiency of the bags. To say the least, upon their return, they returned the luggage in excellent condition along with good Swiss chocolate, key chains, and magnets. My dad was happy that the set came back in good condition. My uncle loved the bags, he applauded his sister on a good buy. This was an upright set and they are very easy to manipulate and navigate. My mother took the credit as it was given.

The next trip the luggage set made was to Trinidad & Tobago. Already just barely three months old and this luggage set is jet setting!My mother went on a business trip for a week and took one of the larger bags. She was amazed how easy it was to move around the crowded JFK International Airport terminals. I think she was a little concerned about checking the bag in and losing sight of it. In the end all was well. Her one compliant when she returned was the softness of the zippers. She felt the zippers zipped up too easily. Sometimes I wonder, how is it possible that this woman travels for a living?

The next journey for these bags is with me. I am elated that with in this month I will making a trip, with my father and a few members from church. I have already pre-packed, in my mind that is. We are taking one of the larger bags. In addition to the suitcase, we will each take a backpack. One of the larger backpacks have a smaller backpack attached to it. I am looking forward to not only the trip but packing for the trip. How crazy is that?

It seems that traveling runs in my family along with the attraction to well-made bags – that is on my father’s side of the family. My grandmother’s basement has a room dedicated to suitcases from a really long time ago. These suitcases belonged to my grandfather. He was often posted to different cities while working for the airlines. These cases are hard covered and open up horizontally. It must have been a hassle travelling with these rectangular boxes – they have no wheels. However, there is a sturdiness about them. As with the modern upright cases, these older bags also provided ample room and straps to keep the contents secured in. My grandmother is a pro at packing. Recently she also returned from an overseas trip. She used one of our older suitcases with the sturdy zippers. Well the zippers are so sturdy that the slider broke off. Luckily, the entire zipper is intact and the bags themselves are durable. My father’s brother adopted the older suitcases. He also works for the airlines and with continuous travelling an extra suitcase is always worth’s the effort.From the collection and attachment of travelling suitcases I see in my family, I know these bags are treasured. A well purchased bag can span multiple generations. Last year I used a cross over mail carrier bag as my book bag. It was a good change from years of carry backpacks.

As with my mother, I think a lot of people who travel do not put a lot of thought into their travelling cases. It is only when they have tried something of quality and experience the benefit of good luggage, it is then the “ah-ha” moment is realized. It was just the past weekend she told us of a trip she took last year and about the fast security check in lane at a mid-west airport. Apparently, if you have one bag, you can get on the express lane. She looked at her carry-on and that insanely old tote bag that carried her laptop and realized that she could not get the tote bag into the suitcase.I am pretty sure a good quality tote is in her future, I can see her combing online sites to do comparison online shopping. Actually, a good bag would be one with one Velcro so that she can Velcro the laptop bag to the carry one suitcase, and then simply pull it apart once she is through security.

I sincerely, believe good travelling bags will make for less grumpy travelers, especially for people who have to travel for business. With the continuously changing travelling security requirements, good luggage can make all the difference. From whipping out electronics to get through security, to knowing your property is safe, and to enjoying your travel itself.